“We aim to go above and beyond for every client by providing a personalised service tailored to their specific requirements. Our bespoke service is an opportunity for clients to express what being a strong, fearless and graceful woman means to them. By the end of our journey we ensure that our clients can fully embrace and embody that woman, whilst wearing a beautiful garment.”

Amar London

Stage 1: Consultation

To provide a truly personalised service, it is our job to get to know you. The bespoke service begins with a detailed consultation. As our client, you will help us to understand your expectations for your special occasion. This will be conducted in person, over the phone or via a virtual meeting.

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Stage 2: Design

After the consultation, we then get into the specifics of the design. You may bring any ideas and images along to the meeting to help our designers to thoroughly capture your vision.

This stage includes us sketching potential designs and you choosing from a range of fabrics in different colours.

Amar London

Stage 3: Final fitting

Once you’ve chosen your unique design, we get to work at our studio. A sample garment is made for you to try on first and to allow us to make any necessary adjustments to the final piece.

Final Fitting

Over the next 4-6 weeks, our seamstresses and designers will work diligently to bring      your masterpiece to life. Once complete, we will contact you for a final fitting to ensure your vision has been realised.

“Every woman embodies at least one unique quality that shines through in her personality and her beauty. It is my job to get to know her and what she desires to be for that one special day, before bringing her wish into reality. It is a personal journey that my client and I engage in; to ensure that the dress, designed by Amar London, becomes a special part of her life.”

– Simi Ajayi
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